Margo Konovalova – “It’s the magic of creating and solving puzzles at the same time”

June, 2018
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Creative Chair talks design with Margo Konovalova

This week Creative Chair is in Minsk, Belarus, where we’re talking with graphic designer/illustrator Margo Konovalova about being a designer.

You can see more from Margo Konovalova on Behance.

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What challenges do you have to overcome as a designer?

Sometimes it’s rather challenging to save the initial idea through the process without compromising and making client trust in the result.


What is the first thing you do after receiving a brief?

Usually when the brief is clear first thing I do is let my mind wander around the subject freely and capture any connections and associations which come to my head. Often ideas from previous projects and impressions from real life come up and contribute to the project. This stage really helps in further work.

“It can be overwhelming, but you know where you’re going, and it feels good.”

Inclusive theater - Margo Konovalova

What is your favourite part of being a designer?

I like the feeling of the flaw when I’m in the middle of the project. Especially when the idea is found, and you just have to combine all the parts of the work together. It can be overwhelming, but you know where you’re going, and it feels good.

Bee There

I love that being a designer lets me involve my life experience and impressions, passion for art or illustration in my work and transform all these things into something new. It never stops being interesting.

Most of all I like the process of turning the idea into visual language and communicating the message or emotions through the picture. It’s the magic of creating and solving puzzles at the same time.

The 133rd 366 Award goes to Margo Konovalova for his outstanding creative work.


 And Finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

As hard as this question is, it would be Never let me down again by Depeche Mode

This interview was conceived by guest curator Cameron Randall

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