Antonio Petit Cwirko talks about Isometric Rooms with Stories

February, 2017
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Creative Chair gets the lowdown from Antonio Petit Cwirko

Part of operating Creative Chair means looking many fantastic creative projects from designers and artists around the world. We were particularly impressed with the Isometric Rooms with Stories project, so this week we’re in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, talking to Antonio Petit Cwirko about his isometric rooms and the process behind it.

Rooms with Stories

You can see a lot more work from Antonio Petit Cwirko on Behance

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do.

I am a Creative Art Director with 15 years of experience. I really love what I do; always learning new things that let me do a better job.

As a creative, I am involved not just in design, but also in art, music, trends, etc. Many elements inspire outside of what I do, and that makes my job easier.

Rooms with Stories

Tell us more about Isometric Rooms with Stories

When I created this concept, I was starting using Cinema 4D (before 3D Max was my software) so I had 3D knowledge. So, once C4D was learned, then Isometric Rooms with Stories was ready to get started.

So, once C4D was learned, then Isometric Rooms with Stories was ready to get started.

Rooms with Stories

I really love music, dresses, architecture, lifestyle, etc., from 20’s to 50’s era. I thought, what if I can bring just a frozen frame from that particular era, one frozen frame of action and then you, as a standing viewer, could develop what happened in it, in your mind.

Rooms with Stories

By example, in the ‘Angry Diva’, I can hear Edith Piaf music behind and imagine that the Diva was angry about her cheating lover and gets crazy about it, leaving the place destroyed.

Rooms with Stories

Many of them also are inspired by the noir style of movie, contrast, desaturated colours, Mafia, etc.

Rooms with Stories

The time taken for each scene varies from one to another, but in generally it takes me about three hours from the idea to final retouch in Photoshop…could be less, but I have two beautiful kids, haha!

The 57th 366 Award goes to Antonio Petit Cwirko for his outstanding creative work.

Rooms with Stories

Now I am trying to make things in ZBrush. One of my dreams was to make my 2D Characters into 3D, and I am thinking that I am moving through the right path. It’s hard work ahead, but I am willing to make the effort.

Boxer - Antonio Petit Cwirko

Aside from the Isometric Rooms, what is your favourite project (and why)?

It’s hard to answer this. I love all because each one represents a particular moment in my life. For example, when I look at my LOGOS, I can see Logo awards that I won, or when I see LEGO inspiration, I see the joy of my son when I did this for his birthday.

Lego Mystery Ball

Finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song what would that song be?

Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees, haha.

Stayin' Alive"
Stayin' Alive (1977)
Bee Gees
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Antonio Petit Cwirko
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