Like Minded Studio – “It was a very fast paced but rewarding experience”

February, 2017
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We talk to Like Minded Studio about The Great Gatsby branding.

Like Minded Studio first appeared on our radar back in 2013 when they published their branding/typography work for Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Since then, they have produced a series of outstanding projects which demonstrate exceptionally stylish typography and 3D rendered type.

This week we caught up with Luca Ionescu of Like Minded Studio to find out more about The Great Gatsby and their other projects.

Pure Imagination

You can see a lot more projects on Behance.

You’ve had several commissions from very high profile clients, not least of which was Baz Luhrmann for his 2013 film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. How did that project come about?

We heard the project was being shot in Sydney at the time / nearing completion, so we decided to send a package of our typography work in to the art director working on the film. He was impressed by the work and kindly forwarded it on to Catherine Martin and the Bazmark team.


Great Gatsby Logo Sketch

We didn’t anticipate what the outcome would be but were happy to have our work seen and potentially have a call-back.

“We had a very tight timeframe to pitch and design”

Great Gatsby Logo Concepts

We were then invited to a meeting with Catherine and her assistant Silvana, which was a huge buzz. They both loved our work and commissioned us to pitch for the branding as existing Warner Bros contractors and creatives in L.A had already been assigned with the task.

We put a lot of creative ideas and concepts forward and won the pitch for the branding. The end advertising posters and package was a collaborative rollout with many members of the Bazmark team and existing Warner Bros contractors compiling the final pieces. Overall it was a really great collaborative experience and def a highlight in our folio.

The Great Gatsby work is very much in keeping with the overall style of the movie. At what stage was the film when you got involved, and what were you given as inspiration for the project?

We got involved with the project at the very end of the process as per the above. We had a very tight timeframe to pitch and design. The final package of several weeks stretched out over a month and a half period in total prior to the initial trailer for the film going live.

Great Gatsby Logo Concepts

As with many large projects we have worked on, it was a very fast paced but rewarding experience once all the creative work went live and we had a great response from the audience.

Great Gatsby Logo Concepts

What is it about typography that inspired you?

We spoke about many treatments at the time for the branding some were more from the author’s side and raw, the others were more finessed and refined which exuded the entourage and lifestyle of the protagonist in the film.

The 56th 366 Award goes to Like Minded Studio for their outstanding creative work.

Great Gatsby Billboard

Gatsby Brooks Brothers

Also, love the romance, decadence, and charm of classic NY architecture of the time such as the beautiful brass and metalwork detail of the deco era.

 What is your favourite personal project on your portfolio (and why)?

Gatsby would def be a highlight, also the Australian Open branding and led arena graphics package which we worked on.

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song what would that song be?

With the current state of affairs around the world the lyrics in the song … John Lennon – Imagine

Imagine (1971)
John Lennon
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