Bartosz Morawski – “more patience and additional effort are needed.”

January, 2019
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Talking Virtual Reality and collaboration with Bartosz Morawski

This week Creative Chair is in Warsaw, Poland, where we’re interviewing innovative 3D artist, Bartosz Morawski.

Bartosz is a 3D illustrator who has been involved with several outside-the-box client projects. He has applied his skills to several VR projects including an immersive Christmas card, an art installation, and an autonomous car experience.

You can see a lot more from Bartosz Morawski on Behance.

Nobile Wakeboards

As someone who has worked amongst various teams, are there difficulties when people have overlapping skillsets or different approaches to the project?

I was fortunate that I worked with very talented artists, and despite the differences in the approach to projects or other skill sets, something very good usually came out of it. Of course, some workshop level should be kept, but I think that it was from mixing these differences that various projects were created.


You’ve embraced VR on several projects. What are the challenges, and benefits of this resurged technology?

Well, for the creators for whom VR will be the main development path, undoubtedly other narrative methods and new interesting ways of storytelling will be an advantage. For me, as an illustrator, VR is a very interesting extension of 2d, which I usually do in 3d :) The 3d scene is the basis for me to move to VR and can be a nice diversion for the project.

The disadvantage is still experience. Whether it is a client, or it is just a test the project – more patience and additional effort are needed.

One Direction

Following your VR Christmas card in 2015, what was the first professional VR commission you received, and how did it come about?

After the Christmas card, which we did together with my then-team partner Anna Caban, a lot of projects were made inside the agency in which I worked. Mostly, these were things for internet or client pitches.

VR Christmas Card

I made the first serious VR job for Skoda automotive client where the idea was to see the world through the eyes of an autonomous car and show its main safety systems during a short journey.

The project took place in such a way that friends who were still working in my former agency suggested my cooperation – they knew well what I was doing now as a freelancer and within 2 months we managed to create an interesting thing for this client.

Skoda VR

What has been your most rewarding collaborative project?

The most rewarding job has so far been the work on the cycle for Nobile Wakeboards. This project simply had a model process and was fascinating in the execution. Zytron was another very nice one because of cooperation with a very conscious and open client.

The 148th 366 Award goes to Bartosz Morawski for his outstanding creative work.

Nobile Wakeboards

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

If I was reincarnated I would be the entire Tool album – Aenima.

Ænima (Album)"
Ænima (Album) (1996)
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Bartosz Morawski
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