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August, 2015

Anagrama, The Creative Team that’s making waves in Mexico

Anagrama is a successful multi-disciplinary media agency based in Mexico. Their strong visual style has led to some their projects being featured on the Behance network.

We caught up with them to find out a little more about their projects and how they operate.

mamva branding project

Firstly, tell us a little about Anagrama, how it got started and the work you do

Anagrama was founded in 2009 by Gustavo Muñoz, Sebastian Padilla and Mike Herrera in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey. Mike and Sebastian met when they worked together as Junior Designers in -101 and they later teamed up with engineer Gustavo Muñoz, who had a solid background in business and web development, to round up the perfect team to start Anagrama. The idea was to break the traditional creative agency scheme, integrating multidisciplinary teams of creative and business experts. In the beginning, they worked out of a tiny spare bedroom in Gustavo’s house. Thanks to Theurel & Thomas’ great success in the international design community, work started coming in droves, and the team started to grow. Today, Anagrama employs around 35 people that work for clients from all around the world in two offices in Monterrey and Mexico City.

mamva branding project
mamva branding project
mamva branding project

Would you say that your work has a particular visual style and if so how did that style come about?

Anagrama’s visual style always relies on a strong concept; sometimes that concept is a collision of two very separate ideas that together give birth to something very interesting and unique. Our style is always crafted with a careful eye for detail, with Swiss design in mind, keeping it very neat, clean and honest.

Violet branding project

How does Anagrama market itself?

We strive to upload projects quite constantly to our portfolio. Every Tuesday we have something new and special to show. We’ve had great results and we find that it’s something that people look forward to.

Fundacion Capital
Fundacion Capital

Could you offer any advice to our readers who are hoping to work within a similar creative field?

Our advice would be to work work work and strive to produce work that is relevant at an international level. Read, travel, watch good films, meet different people. All this helps to build a base of knowledge and experience that helps pump out great concepts and ideas.


And finally, if you died and were reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

If Anagrama was a song, it’s Any Colour You Like by Pink Floyd.

Anagrama is the 24th winner of our 366 awards.

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