People Too – “3D gives too much freedom, and too much accuracy”

September, 2017
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Creative Chair talks paper with Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erlich of People Too.

This week Creative Chair is in Novosibirsk, Russia where we’re talking to the crafty Alexey and Lena of People Too.

People Too create elaborate and impressive scenes using paper. Their creations have been sought after by high-profile clients, but what’s most inspiring about their portfolio is the fact that they share their process.

We recommend that you see more from People Too on their website and Behance.

VTB Arena


How did you arrive at your visual style?

A long time ago in a far distant galaxy, we did illustrations for a local weekly. The editor allowed us to experiment with the visual style, and we experimented.Every new picture we did in a new style and once got to the paper.


Every new picture we did in a new style and once got to the paper.

What are the arguments for creating something physical, rather than using computers to create something in 3D?

…Today, the market appeared fake Christmas decorations. They look real, but it is absolutely not fun! :)


3D gives too much freedom and too much accuracy.  Irregularities, roughness, creases, wrinkles, lint, thickness… It launches a “tactile chip” in the brain.

It is very hard to make it in 3D, but instant and natural to make from paper.

What has been your favourite project to work on?

In different projects, there are different interesting things. This can be an interesting challenge or an interesting solution or an element.

For example, in this project we first did the work in a very small size (height of character about 3 cm).

Coffee People Too

In this project we have made recognizable musicians.


This interesting that our work has increased, printed and installed in the Windows of a building under construction.

These portraits we did from photographs of their Pets, and send the portraits by mail to their owners. It was very fun and interesting

The 101st 366 Award goes to People Too for their outstanding creative work.

Pet Portraits

In the cards for the resort of Gstaad was very interesting to learn local culture and try to convey these feelings.


I can continue for so long :) Favourite projects are those in which we gain new experience, learn something, solve a complex problem.

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

I do not want to believe that I reincarnate, especially in song. :) Let everything be real – dead means dead forever, without hope and reservations.

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