Paul Tinker – “the style I am working in now is where I have the most fun”

August, 2016
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Illustrator and Digital Artist Paul Tinker talks about the evolution of style.

Today we’re talking to Paul Tinker, a London-based games artist whose portfolio demonstrates his artistic journey, both personally and professionally.

Stranger Things

Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I have a background in Product Design but after some self-teaching, I am now a Games Artist working at King in London. My day can vary from painting backgrounds, designing characters or animating. All of this is done with a cup of tea and a fancy biscuit.

The 36th 366 Award goes to Paul Tinker for his outstanding creative work.

Tin Tin Fargo Mashup

The visual style of your projects has changed over the past six years. Do you feel that you have found a style that fits you, or do you like to change it up and see what works?

Yeah, I feel the style I am working in now is where I have the most fun.  When I started out in art I was trying to get into freelance illustration, so my style was more suited to editorial work. However, since then I have had to be very adaptable at work to create game assets. Over the years I have done more and more digital painting, and I find this more enjoyable than vector based work. I have also spent more time learning about light and colour, so the current work on my portfolio is purely to refine my art skills and experiment.

Paul Tinker's Star Wars Process

Who what are some of your greatest inspirations?

Simon Stålenhag – I adore the way he paints. His work is full of 80’s themed environments with futuristic sci-fi tech….and dinosaurs. There is so much storytelling in his work.

Mike Azevedo and Sam Neilson– I have been fortunate to see these guys give lectures about colour and lighting. Both of them have great enthusiasm and patience when teaching. Their methodical process into painting has been greatly beneficial to me too.

Cory Loftis – The playfulness and energy in his work is brilliant.

Tin Tin Fargo Mashup

Tin Tin Fargo Mashup

Tin Tin Fargo Mashup

Finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

Something to make the feet stomp. A strong drum beat, a strutting baseline and maybe some brass. Or Jungle Book’s ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ or The ‘Bare Necessities’ will be just fine.

You can see a lot more projects from Paul Tinker on his Behance Portfolio.

The Bare Necessities"
The Bare Necessities (1967)
Phil Harris, Bruce Reitherman
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