Nick Liefhebber – “I’m proud when big brands ask me to create visuals in my own style.”

March, 2018
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Creative Chair explores the unique style of Nick Liefhebber

The week Creative Chair is in Utrecht, the Netherlands where we’re talking to illustrator/designer Nick Liefhebber.

We interview many creatives with a unique visual style, but Nick might be unique in the wide range of styles demonstrated to an exceptional standard within his portfolio.

We caught up with his to find out more.

You can see a lot more from Nick Liefhebber on his website and Behance.

Kim Janssen - Cousins

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do?

Hi, I’m Nick Liefhebber a designer and illustrator from Utrecht, the Netherlands. I studied and started out exclusively as a graphic designer but along the way, I taught myself how to create illustrations in my own way, and now I think it’s about 50/50 design and illustration.

Make it magic

I have my studio in Kapitaal Utrecht a screen print, etching and risostudio and creative meeting spot and allows me to create a lot of my own work.

Cocoon screenprint

How would you describe the style of your illustration?

It’s a mix of drawing and collage, leaning more towards collage. I cut most shapes from black paper which I scan and combine in my computer.

Hoppy Art Land

Sometimes I use these cut-outs directly to create screenprint films. I really like the solid shapes which give it a graphic quality; it might have to do with my graphic design start.

You seem to do a lot of visual identity work for conferences and festivals. Have you become the Netherland’s go-to designer for these sorts of events?

I wish, but I have quite a few interesting clients I’m really happy to work with. Since I’m a one-man show I think the bigger festivals consider me a too small company. On the other hand, some clients ask me for the creative input on the design or illustrations; the fun part.

Imagine Film Festival 2015

Laracon 2017 Red

Laracon 2017 Blue by Nick Liefhebber

On those projects, I work together with a different company which creates the website and other stuff based on my design. But there are also campaigns like Imagine, Grasnapolsky and Laracon EU which I did completely by myself.

Imagine Film Festival 2016

Grasnapolsky Festival 2017 by Nick Liefhebber

Which project are you most proud of?

Usually, I’m most proud of my latest projects. I like to work on new stuff and see new results. Now those projects are the poster for the LIFE TIME exhibition in MU Eindhoven and a range of packaging for Desigual. I’m also proud when big brands ask me to create visuals in my own style.

The 117th 366 Award goes to Nick Liefhebber for his outstanding creative work.

Life Time - Biological Clocks of the Universe by Nick Liefhebber

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song what would that song be?

My playlist changes a lot but at this exact moment: How Many Times by Dope Lemon

How Many Times"
How Many Times (2016)
Dope Lemon
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Nick Liefhebber
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