Muhammed Ali – “Benghazi is the tranquillity to me”

June, 2017
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Creative Chair talks to digital artist Muhammed Ali.

This week Creative Chair is in Benghazi, Libya talking to Muhammed Ali about his digital art and the influences behind it.

You can see more from Muhammed Ali on Behance.

The Gift

Firstly, could you tell us a little more about yourself and what you do?

I’m Mohammed Ali. I live in Benghazi, Libya. I study electrical engineering in Benghazi Uni.

I used to like the art and draw a lot, but when I have learned the digital art for six years and was able to work on the most important program of Photoshop, I began to see the art at different perspective which suits the new digital era.


You have a background in electrical engineering. What has drawn you to design and digital art?

Sometimes I have some problems because I really love stuff, maybe contradicting stuff as my obsession with technology, software and new sciences and those earlier things made me think to study electrical engineering, and I did.

On the other hand, my hobbies for art drawing and photography are still my passions that I run away to from life, people, noise, and anything around.

Do you feel that living in Benghazi, Libya has influenced your work?

Benghazi is the tranquillity to me. Benghazi inspired me and of course, has a great impact on my life and developing my hobbies.

Benghazi Up

Although, this art is rare to be known in my community and has very weak support from my country. But I challenged all the obstacles, and I still do till I get my dream of being professional in this art.

The 85th 366 Award goes to Muhammed Ali for his outstanding creative work.

War Muhammad Ali

Who/what inspires your work?

Everything around me turns it into inspiration, the city, the obstacles of life, the war in Benghazi, anything.

We Never Meet

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

love hearing the American singer Tracy Chapman, fast car song.

Fast Car"
Fast Car (1988)
Tracy Chapman
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Muhammed Ali
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