Kristin Llamas Interview – 50 States (Tennessee)

June, 2019
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Kristin Llamas – “In Tennessee, Nashville especially, there is a strong sense of community and collaboration”

This week Creative Chair is in Nashville, Tennessee for an interview with artist/author Kristin Llamas.

This is the 46th instalment of our 50 States series, and Kristin’s work has special relevance to the series. In 2005, she set off with musician (and husband) Alfonso Llamas for a 13 month-long artistic exploration of North America, creating a different piece of art in each state. The Nomadic Project has resulted in 50 unique works of art, a musical album, and a book.

Additionally, Kristin Llamas is an example of nominative determinism. Her book ‘¿Como te Llamas?’ features 60 llama illustrations –

“pairing them with biographical quips and jewel-tone color washes to capture these llamas’ quirky inner lives, and our own”

Kristin Llamas Tennessee

Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you do.

I grew up in New York and now live and work in Nashville TN.

My painting style combines contemporary abstraction with realistically painted elements that are filled with symbolism and sometimes humor. I create large scale oil paintings, illustrations, and art installations based on community engagement, history, and philosophy.

Nomadic Project

Inspired by the idea that art helps us understand ourselves, each other and the world around us, my work is meant to unite communities and offer inspiration to any private or corporate collection.

The 155th 366 Award goes to Kristin Llamas for her outstanding creative work.


I created my first solo museum exhibit at age 22 and am most well known for the Nomadic Project, Socratic Dialogues and recent ¿Como te Llamas? (Llamas Art Show) collection.

How has your state influenced the work that you do?

In Tennessee, Nashville especially, there is a strong sense of community and collaboration. Because of this, it has been easy to engage with the community in both street art and painting collections that begin with asking questions.

“we quit our jobs and sold everything we owned (including our home) in order to travel to all fifty states and paint this collection”

Tennessee Strum Kristin Llamas

Of your own work, what is your favourite project and why?

The Nomadic Project. ( This was my first museum exhibited collection and it set the bar high for my art and philosophy on life.

Indiana Driven
Indiana | Driven

The project was self-funded so my newlywed husband and we quit our jobs and sold everything we owned (including our home) in order to travel to all fifty states and paint this collection. On the road, I cut my teeth on working with galleries, press, and marketing.

Wisconsin Slipping Into the Bay
Wisconsin | Slipping Into the Bay

This was also the first time I used community, history and philosophy to guide each painting… a practice that still holds strong in my work today.

Arizona A Day of Infamy A Lifetime of Grandeur
Arizona | A Day of Infamy, A Lifetime of Grandeur

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

“Zombie” by The Cranberries

You can see more from Kristin Llamas on her website.

Zombie (1993)
The Cranberries
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What began as a fun question to end an interview, has now become a wonderfully eclectic playlist featuring 160 songs and counting.

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Tennessee with Kristin Llamas