Evandro Augusto – “I like to breathe each project from its essence”

May, 2017
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We find out more about Evandro Augusto.

This week Creative Chair is in Salvador, Brazil where we’re talking to graphic designer Evandro Augusto.

Evandro caught our attention when we were looking for some outstanding creatives from east Brazil, and we were impressed with the distinctive vibrancy of his work.

You can see more from Evandro Augusto on Behance. We particularly like the Cerveja Zôzô, Barbarela Poesia, and Urminino projects.

Firstly, tell us a little more about yourself and what you do.

Hello, my name is Evandro Augusto, I graduated in Graphic Design from the University Center Jorge Amado in Salvador-BA. I am currently an Art Director at an Advertising and Propaganda Agency, and I am also a Creative Director in Communication & Design studio.

Jacobina em Jacoilha

Do you feel that living in Brazil has a direct effect on the style of your work?

Yes, but I try to follow references also from abroad, most of the time, despite having a very rich referential artistic influence here in Brazil, be it regional, cultural, or musical, references to the outside world interest me as well.

Cerveja Zôzô Evandro Augusto

Cerveja Zôzô

Who/what are your greatest inspirations?

I do not have any inspiration to be followed, but I like to breathe each project from its essence. I believe very much in the energy that is deposited from the briefing until the process. In this case, I believe that a fact, however simple it may be, can be inspiring.

The 79th 366 Award goes to Evandro Augusto for his outstanding creative work.


What has been your favourite project to work on?

I love working with branding projects. I find it very interesting what effect it can cause, whether in feeling, emitter/receiver or even applications. Branding speaks for itself.

Barbarel Poesia Process

Barbarela Poesia Process

And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

Lightened – Xande de Pilares

Clareou (2014)
Xande de Pilares
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Evandro Augusto
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