Braća Burazeri – “we’re experimenting and developing all kinds of styles”

May, 2018
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Creative Chair talks art and apparel with Braća Burazeri

This week Creative Chair is in Belgrade, Serbia where we’re talking with creative entrepreneurs Braća Burazeri.

Their popular designs have also provided the basis for DechkoTzar, a growing apparel business.

You can see a lot more from Braća Burazeri on Behance.

Belgrade - Shades of Grey
DechkoTzar za Beograd

Who / What is Braća Burazeri?

Braća Burazeri is a graphic design studio based in Belgrade (Serbia) and it is run as a family business owned by my brother and I.

We are concentrated on branding design, creating visuals for music events (locally and worldwide) and designing graphic packages for movies (posters, titles, animation).

We cover fields in creative and art direction, typography, logo design, photography, and illustration, as well as motion graphics. You can check that portfolio on Vimeo. It’s old, but unfortunately, we don’t have time to update it :)

“Braca Burazeri” is a local slang and it means something like “bros brothers”.

Coca-Cola senses 2016

 What is DechkoTzar, and how did it get started?

“DechkoTzar” is a clothing brand. We started printing and drawing t-shirts with our illustrations and designs back in the late 90s when we used to write graffiti.

DechkoTzar winter

In 2001 we did a first series of printed tees for our friend’s music bend. The bend’s name was called Red Zmaja and we did a t-shirt for their first single “Dechko tzar”.

Dechko Tzar is slang, and it’s hard to translate, but it means something like “a really cool guy, the man, rudebwoy…” So, people liked that first tee and we decided to do more. Until 2009 we were printing only a few designs per year, but we decided to get more serious and do more, so we created an online store.

In 2015 we opened a shop in the centre of Belgrade. Now we are selling stuff in few stores in Belgrade, Zagreb, Skopje and Zurich. We’re producing tees, hoodies, coats, jackets, socks, underwear, snapbacks in collaboration with Starter, beanies, etc.

The 129th 366 Award goes to Braća Burazeri for their outstanding creative work.

DechkoTzar summer 2015

You can take a look at our short movie about what and who is Dechkotzar:

Has Serbia had a significant influence on your style?

Every country, city, village… every environment affects your style. That’s why we try to travel every time we can, and we’re experimenting and developing all kinds of styles. We think it’s not so good to concentrate just on one style, because you’re limiting yourself that way. With different styles, you have more options, and much more space to develop your creativity.

What inspired you to create the collection of ‘Animals’?

The idea with “Animals” was to use basic geometric shapes and create interesting and funny illustrations. It started with this project but with “Animals” we experimented with brushes and shading in Photoshop. And, I guess, we did a good job with that :)

Animals Braća Burazeri

 And finally, if you died and got reincarnated as a song, what would that song be?

Roads by Fat Freddy’s Drop

Roady (2005)
Fat Freddy's Drop
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Braća Burazeri
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